AutoDoc HSE

Streamline Software takes you one step closer to the paperless office – AutoDoc HSE streamlines your document delivery in an intelligently contextual manner.

Give your printers a rest. Streamline towards a paperless office today!

Document delivery management: Revolutionised.

Innovative, time-saving and flexible

AutoDoc HSE is a modern document delivery and document management system that’s revolutionising the way business does business. Redefines the way applications produce and deliver documents: all while effortlessly streamlining electronic document storage. AutoDoc is the all-in-one, document archive, delivery, and PDF conversion solution no business should be without.

Print to fax, email, archive, SMS, and scan to PDF:

All of this and more can be achieved effortlessly with AutoDoc HSE. All done in one streamlined, intelligent operation. Additionally, AutoDoc HSE’s MessageSaver fax gateway and SMS gateway offer the user extra savings, added to the return on investment generated through the optimised process flows AutoDoc HSE creates.

What can AutoDoc do for you?


Provide a streamlined, automated Email, Fax, Print and Archive delivery system that reduces delivery and stationery costs and saves time.


Effectively deploy a standard, streamlined document delivery and archiving process across a single PC to an entire organisation.


Dynamic, contextual document routing yielding streamlined business process improvements.


Centrally manage and track document movement from a comprehensive log.


Integrate with almost any existing app to maximize your current investment.

With 4 different versions available: there’s an edition to meet every need

Lite Version

Single User with 5 forms… Find out more here>

Standard Version

Single User with 20 forms & DOS/PCL support… more

Server Version

Multi User with up to 20 network users and 20 forms…more

Enterprise Version

Multi User with unlimited network users and 99 forms…more