Lite to Server Upgrade


The perfect upgrade for the growing business. Moving from the Lite Edition to the Server Edition will not only give your business countless amounts of upgrades, and increase your abilities, but you will also better streamline your work flows. Update, upgrade and start enjoying all the features the Server Edition has to offer.


Innovative, time-saving and flexible, AutoDoc HSE is a modern document delivery and document management system that’s revolutionising the way business does business. In addition, AutoDoc HSE is redefining the way applications produce and deliver documents. All while effortlessly streamlining your electronic document storage. AutoDoc is the all-in-one, document archive, delivery, and PDF conversion solution no business should be without.

Print to fax, print to email, print to archive, print to SMS, and scan to PDF: all of this and more can be achieved effortlessly with AutoDoc HSE. All done in one streamlined operation: in an ’intelligently’ contextual manner.

Please note: Purchases are only valid for the ANZ region.