Post Installation Tasks

Depending on how you plan to use AutoDoc HSE, there may be some post-installation tasks you need to do. These are listed below. The Quick Start Guide (available through the application’s Help/Licence tab) also gives a quick introduction on how to make AutoDoc HSE’s basic features work.

  • “Run as another user” service. We highly recommend that you use this option (found in the Global Setup area, under the General tab. You can find more information on what this service does, and how to run it, in the reference manual.
  • E-mail: in the Global Setup area, under the  E-mail tab, you specify whether you want to use MAPI or SMTP as the default protocol for e-mail. If you choose SMTP, you should also test your connection with the Test Connection button on that tab. If you choose MAPI (or will be using MAPI with AutoDoc HSE even as the non-default protocol), you need to ensure that the Exchange Server Settings are set to not cache (see the related knowledge base article on MAPI email setup).
  • Fax: in the Global Setup area, under the  Fax tab, you specify your fax handler. You should also test your connection if using MS Fax (and you may need to install MS Fax as well! See the Microsoft knowledgebase for information on installing/enabling MS Fax for your operating system).
  • Printing: you may want to change your paper size on the AutoDoc HSE printer. See the related knowledgebase article on AutoDoc HSE Paper Size in the printing category.
  • Client/workstations. If you are using a multi-user version of AutoDoc HSE, you will need to perform the client setup steps detailed in the reference manual.