Nothing Printing/Emailing/Faxing or Archiving

Firstly, check the log for any information on the problem.

If this is a new problem (that is, if AutoDoc HSE has been working for you up until now), and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the log for the jobs you’re trying to produce, there may be a problem with one of the destination printers (e.g. a real, physical printer AutoDoc HSE is directing a multi-drop job to). Check the queue of any desination printers, to make sure there’s not a problem there (like a good old fashioned paper jam!)

Also, if you have changed the location of the ‘user data’ folder (as specified on the Users tab of the Global setup area), ensure that this location is shared, so that all users have read and write access to that folder.

Also see the reference manual for more troubleshooting tips.