Installing AutoDoc HSE in a Server Environment

Regardless of whether you are using a single user or multi-user version, you need only install the application itself once.

In a multi-user scenario, you run AutoDoc HSE’s setup.exe file on the server. With the installation complete, once you run the application, AutoDoc HSE creates a shared, virtual printer called “AutoDoc HSE”. You need only install this network printer on the workstations that require AutoDoc HSE’s functionality.

In addition to the printer, you may also wish to run AutoDoc HSE’s Client Viewer on all workstations (see the reference manual for information on using client viewers). The viewer provides a user-specific log, as well some extra PDF functionality. If you will be using MAPI email, rather than SMTP, you must run the client viewer for all workstations.

The client viewer can be installed after installing the main application. See the ‘client setup’ section of the reference manual for more details.